new ShadingPattern(type, coords, colors, gStateopt, matrixopt)


A pattern describing a shading pattern.

Only available in "advanced" API mode.

Name Type Attributes Description
type String

One of "axial" or "radial"

coords Array.<Number>

Either [x1, y1, x2, y2] for "axial" type describing the two interpolation points or [x1, y1, r, x2, y2, r2] for "radial" describing inner and the outer circle.

colors Array.<Object>

An array of objects with the fields "offset" and "color". "offset" describes the offset in parameter space [0, 1]. "color" is an array of length 3 describing RGB values in [0, 255].

gState GState <optional>

An additional graphics state that gets applied to the pattern (optional).

matrix Matrix <optional>

A matrix that describes the transformation between the pattern coordinate system and the use coordinate system (optional).


  • API.Pattern