NIHTEST.CONF(5) File Formats Manual NIHTEST.CONF(5)

testing tool configuration file format

nihtest(1) is a testing tool. It reads a configuration file to get its default settings. The default path for the file is nihtest.conf in the current directory; this can be overridden with nihtest(1)'s -C flag. This man page describes the format of this configuration file.

The following commands are recognized:

Test program if no program directive is found in the test.
test-extension source-extension command [args ...]
When comparing files after test runs, use command with argument args for files where the file in the sandbox ends with the extension text-extension or the file to compare against ends with the extension source-extension. I.e., the complete command line used will be:
command args ... expected-file test-result
Describe when to keep the sandbox (i.e., not delete it) after running the test. The following values are supported:
Never keep the sandbox.
Keep the sandbox when the test failed.
Always keep the sandbox.
This can be overridden with the nihtest(1) flags - -keep-broken or --no-cleanup. The default is never.
Describe when to print the test results verbosely. The following values are supported:
Quiet mode.
Print details when the test failed.
Verbose mode.
This can be overridden with the nihtest(1) flags - -quiet or --verbose. The default is failed.
Create sandboxes in directory. By default, the sandboxes will be created in the current directory. A random directory of the pattern sandbox_* will be used.
nihtest(1) searches the current directory and directory for test cases, input and output files.
Where to look for the config.h file that defines the available features. See the features command in nihtest-case(5).

June 2, 2020 NiH