IndexedDB Polyfill over WebSQL

A polyfill to enable IndexedDB using WebSQL.

IndexedDB is not supported on all browsers. This IndexedDB polyfill exposes the IndexedDB API in unsupported browsers using WebSQL. This shim is basically an IndexedDB-WebSQL adapter.

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Download the polyfill

To keep the code manageable, the modules are in different files. The link above is simply a concatenation of all these files.

Test Cases

Run the test cases (Mocha, Fake, Mock, and W3C (older).) to see how the polyfill performs on your non-IndexedDB supported browser like Opera or Safari. It also works on Chrome as Chrome also has WebSQL. This would run on devices like the iPad and the iPhone too !!

One may also run up-to-date W3C tests against our polyfill, but at present one must set up a local environment for this. See the README for details.

Libraries tested to work with the shim

The polyfill implements the IndexedDB API specification. The following libraries have examples that work with the polyfill. Note that the jQuery and LINQ examples may now be outdated.

Source Code

Fork the repository on GitHub. The source code allows you to use either Apache 2.0 or MIT.

The implementation is not 100% to the spec and some work still needs to be done. There are a couple of open issues to be fixed.

Send out a pull request if you would like to help !!

Other IndexedDB links


A big thanks to the contributors of this project.

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