Mycroft Skill Readme Generator

This tool generates a for your Mycroft Skill repository on GitHub. It will be machine-parsed to fill the Mycroft Skill Marketplace and will explain your Skill to users in a standardized, easy to read format.

How it works

Edit the form
Generate and examine previews
Copy the output into a file for your Skill's repo


Edit or Paste an existing in the README tab.
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Below is a preview of how the will look in your Skill's Github repo.

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This is a shortish description for the Skill

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This is a shortish description for the Skill
This is the full description for the Skill
By whoever (@whoever)

Below is the basis of the for your Skill's Github repo. You can safely extend the contents with a custom sections below the generated content, such as ## Notes or ## TODO. But refrain from changing the format or order of the generated content to ensure compatibility with parsers.
NOTE: Edits made here will be applied back to the edit form and previews. Be aware that non-standard README features can be lost in the round-trip after you leave this page.