Aura NPC for BG:EE


The Artisan





STR: 8   DEX: 16   CON: 13   INT: 19   WIS: 14   CHA: 15


1.     Introduction

2.     Installation

3.     Overview

4.     Artificer and Priestess Kits

5.     Friendship, Romance and Other Things

6.     Frequently Asked Questions

7.     Credits

8.     Version History



"When asked about her past, AURA tells you a long and convoluted tale of her life from her childhood to her life spent in faraway Kozakura. Born from the prestigious Glimmershine family in the "enlightened" island nation of Lantan, known for their skills in invention and artifice. Aura's talent for artifice and creation at a young age coupled with a wide-idea curiosity of the world beyond her home led her to travel to distant lands looking to advance her knowledge of cultures and exchange knowledge to other, less advanced societies.

While few Lantanese venture far from the western side of Faerun, Aura is unusually well travelled, having ventured to the most distant parts of and even beyond Faerun. Among such places, she claims to have taken a temporary residence in faraway Kozakura, a nation in the eastern land of Kara-Tur. Aura's talents in creation gave her a place among the locals of the village in which she made her new home for three years, after which a certain course of events led her to leave on a journey towards the Sword Coast."


Aura Glimmershine is a young lawful good-aligned gnome artificer and inventor from the island nation of Lantan. She is kind and idealistic at heart, and while she can be rather shy and socially inept when interacting with strangers, but easily turns peppy and excitable when the topic strays into her fields of expertise. Aura uses the custom artificer thief kit—while unsuited for direct combat, it specializes in various forms of utility such as traps, alchemy, and a bit of unique magical prowess.



Always make sure to start a fresh game after installing mods. At the very least, you must use a save from before entering Beregost.

To install the mod, extract all the contents of the .zip folder into your game directory (example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\Data\00766" for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Baldur's Gate Siege of Dragonspear\Data\00806" for Baldur's Gate with the Siege of Dragonspear expansion) and run the Setup-Aura_BG1.exe folder. Follow the instructions to complete the install.

Please Note: This mod was designed using resources from v2.0+ of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and will not work for older versions (e.g. v1.3) or vanilla Baldur's Gate.

Aura should be compatible with all WeiDU mods for the Enhanced Edition, however, mods that affect vanilla spells (e.g. Spell Revisions) may cause gameplay inconsistencies with her abilities (e.g. certain resources using vanilla spells instead of SR-modified ones). If there are any errors during installation, please contact me at either Beamdog Forums: (

Make sure you are not running the game on which you are installing the mod. If you have EEKeeper, make sure it is closed upon installing.


Baldur’s Gate I

-          Aura may be found and recruited in Beregost (AR3300). She joins at level 1 by default but gains up to 32,000 experience based on the PC’s level when first recruited.

-          She joins with a small selection of personal items, most notably being her unique Sunshooter bow which cannot be removed. Although she cannot use other bows, the Sunshooter improves with her artificer level and can additionally be configured to change its statistics.

-          If the player character is female, she may show hints of romantic attraction. While there is no exclusive romance branch for BG1, some dialogue will be slightly different.

-          She has one character-related quest encounter upon entering Baldur’s Gate city that involves several battles. After a certain battle, rest when prompted to begin the final stage of the quest.

-          Additionally, she has crossmod content with the following mod NPCs:

§  Sirene and Drake by The Artisan

§  Emily, Kale, Vienxay, Helga and Recorder by Skitia

§  Littlun, Flara, Moidre, Dave and Vynd by Glam Vrock

§  Isra by Rhaella

§  Verr’Sza and White by Lava Del’Vortel

Siege of Dragonspear

§  If brought to the end of Baldur’s Gate I, Aura will join the party for the starting dungeon. Like other party members, she will temporarily leave to be recruited again later.

§  She can be encountered after leaving Baldur’s Gate. She is found in the Coast Way Forest, close to Rasaad.

§  If kept, her starting armor will receive an upgrade upon rejoining.

§  If her ‘travelling companion’ annoys you, you can force-talk her to disable the overhead comments. She will part ways with her companion once you reach a certain stage.

§  She has an extensive romance path on par with vanilla NPCs that is intended to continue into Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition. More details are given in the corresponding section.


Aura uses the custom Artificer thief kit, which is exclusive to her.

ARTIFICER: Lantanese artificers are master innovators and craftsmen, making up for their lack of combat or cloak-and-dagger skills with expert knowledge in use of arcane runes, deadly alchemical traps and metal automatons.



– +20 bonus to Lore.

– +5 additional Lore per level gained.

– +10% bonus to Find Traps, Open Locks and Set Traps.

– May use the Set Alchemical Snare ability once per day in addition to the normal Thief's Set Snare. Gains one use at level 1 and an additional use every 5 levels thereafter.


Set Alchemical Snare: Set a trap in the targeted location when no hostile creatures are in sight. Traps deal 2d4 (+1d4 extra damage per 3 levels) fire, cold, acid or electrical damage of the artificer's choice in a 10' radius, inflicting additional effects that last for 2 rounds + 1 round per 3 levels of the artificer. Effects are dependent on the chosen element. Alchemical Snares can only be set off by enemies, but affect all within its area of effect.


ALCHEMIST'S FIRE: Trap damage increases to d6 and sets targets Aflame, dealing an additional 1d4 fire damage per round.

RAPID FREEZE: Targets become Slowed, suffering a -4 penalty to THAC0 and Armor Class.

ACIDIC COMPOUND: Targets are afflicted with Corrosion, suffering a -25% penalty to Physical Resistance and Damage.

ELECTRIC CHARGE: Targets become Shocked, suffering a 10% chance every round to become Paralyzed for 1 round.


– May use the Craft Rune ability once per day.


CRAFT RUNE: Artificers that have knowledge of magic are capable of creating and using runes charged with arcane energy. When the Craft Rune ability is used, a rune may be chosen from a selection that may be expended immediately or imbued on a target to discharge under specific triggers to cast a powerful arcane spell.


– May use the Advanced Alchemy ability at will.


ADVANCED ALCHEMY: Lantanese artificers are skilled in chemistry and potion-making. This skill may be used to craft a number of potions or alchemical weapons. The types of potions available for crafting increase with the artificer's level.


– May use Analyze at will.


ANALYZE: With this ability, the user carefully observes the target and identifies their strengths and weaknesses, revealing their Hit Die, THAC0, Saving Throws, Magic Resistance, Damage Resistance and vulnerability to Poison and Backstabs. This ability may be used an unlimited number of times.


– 3rd level: May use the Infusion ability once per day.


INFUSION: The artificer infuses their allies' weapons. All party members' weapons are treated as having a +1 enchantment for the purposes of determining what they can hit for 8 hours. This ability can only be used outside of combat.


– 8th level: Infusion's enchantment bonus increases to +2.

– 9th level: May use the Craft Automaton ability once per day.


CRAFT AUTOMATON: The artificer spends two rounds to assimilate a powerful automaton which can be controlled at will. Automatons last until destroyed, are disabled if their creator is incapacitated, lose control if their creator's mind is affected and fall apart if their creator is killed. Only one automaton can be controlled at any given time.


– 10th level: Gains an additional use of Craft Rune.

– 16th level: Infusion's enchantment bonus increases to +3.

– 18th level: Soul of Artifice: +1 bonus to Saving Throws. This bonus increases to +3 while under the effects of Infusion.

– 20th level: Gains an additional use of Craft Rune.

– 24th level: Infusion's enchantment bonus increases to +4.

– 32nd level: Infusion's enchantment bonus increases to +5.

– 40th level: Infusion's enchantment bonus increases to +6.



– Hit Die: d4

– Base THAC0 progresses as a Mage of the same level.

– -10% penalty to Pick Pockets, Hide in Shadows and Move Silently.

– No backstab multiplier.

– May only distribute 20 skill points per level among thieving skills.


Aura can also optionally be installed as a multi-classed Illusionist / Artificer (note: Installing mods that expand upon mage kits for gnomes will cause her class to display as a regular Mage / Artificer in the character records!) or as a Priestess / Artificer. The Priestess is a custom cleric kit designed for thematic purposes:

PRIESTESS: Priestesses of the Way, a Kozakuran faith, are believers in harmony and seek to understand how to manipulate the forces that keep the world in balance, gaining powers similar to that of divine magic in the process. Many dedicate themselves to wandering the land for knowledge, tending to sacred shrines, or becoming philosophers.


– May use the Spiritual Blessing innate ability once per day.

SPIRITUAL BLESSING: The priestess invokes a prayer to heavenly spirits, bestowing a random blessing upon the target. There is a 25% chance of gaining +2 THAC0 and +10% increased damage, a 25% chance of gaining +2 to Luck and Saving Throws, and a 25% chance of gaining +2 to Armor Class and +10% resistance to all damage. Regardless of the blessing, the target is also healed for ten hit points and cured of all diseases and poisons. However, the fickle nature of spirits means there is a 25% chance that no blessing is granted at all. From 12th level onwards, Spiritual Blessing is cast in a 15-ft. radius around the priestess, affecting all allies.

– May cast Protection from Evil 10' Radius once per day. Gains one use at level 1 and an additional use every 10 levels thereafter.

– From 6th level onwards, may cast True Seeing as an innate ability once per day.


– May only be proficient in clubs, quarterstaves, short bows and slings.

– May not wear armor heavier than studded leather.

– May not be chaotic or evil-aligned.


If installed as a multi-class, dialogue may be slightly altered in some cases to account for the change, although there are no major differences.


Baldur’s Gate I

Aura will regularly initiate conversation with the player character, first on a timer- and then an event-based schedule. The player can learn more about her background and other things about her. If you’re not interested, you can force-talk her to access Player-Initiated Dialogue to shut her up. This can be undone at any time.

Player-Initiated Dialogue also allows you to learn other bits of lore, with more content being added the further along you are in her friendship path. You may also flirt with her if you are a female player character to get different responses, but there is no romance-exclusive content in Baldur’s Gate I.

As an artificer, Aura may be able to modify certain cursed items you acquire throughout your journey. She will automatically speak up once acquiring a modifiable item, and you may allow her to work on it whenever you please. Aura is able to work on a total of items equal to her artificer level. If installed as a single-class, she can improve all ten items under the normal level cap.

Siege of Dragonspear

As in Baldur’s Gate I, Aura will regularly converse with the player character. If you are a female with 12+ Intelligence and 10+ Charisma, she can be romanced, which extends certain dialogues in the friendship path and adds a few new dialogues near the endgame.

Aura does not modify any items in Siege of Dragonspear, owing to being too occupied with war efforts. However, she does introduce a couple of new items to the player during certain parts of the plot. This is available regardless of whether or not she is in the party.

Aura also introduces an alternative solution to the ‘poisoning’ subplot during the latter half of Siege of Dragonspear. Again, her presence in the party is not required.


Baldur’s Gate I

Q: Where can I find Aura in Baldur’s Gate I?

A: In case you missed it, she’s in Beregost. Specifically, in the town square next to the monument.


Q: Will she join my evil protagonist?

A: Yes, as long as you’re not rude to her, she’ll be happy to join you regardless of alignment. However, should your reputation drop too low, you may be in for a nasty surprise.


Q: Why does she have so much unremovable equipment?

A: Partially thematic, but her early usefulness gameplay-wise is limited to supportive roles, and her access to exclusive containers gives her an extra niche. Her Sunshooter and Magatama have immeasurable value and she will not remove them for anything.


Q: Is the Sunshooter upgradeable?

A: Yes, it improves naturally with Aura’s artificer level. Specifically, it upgrades at levels 5, 8 and 11.


Q: A cutesy anime-inspired gnome? Uhh… seriously?

A: Yes, it’s whack. These ideas come to me on a whim. Aura was inspired by some JRPGs I was into at the time and is a mishmash of multiple concepts. Hopefully, her writing is good enough to make the premise work.


Q: I was rude to Aura at some point and now she won’t talk to me.

A: Apologize. She’ll forgive you, but only once. Beware—if you do it again, and you’ll permanently lose access to some of her features.


Q: How lore-accurate is this mod?

A: Ehh… gameplay-wise the artificer kit is completely homebrew and doesn’t follow any inspiration from official rulebooks. Story-wise, I used as much from official sources as possible, but I took some creative license towards background lore on Lantan and Kara-Tur where I felt there wasn’t enough. If there is something that contradicts official FR canon, let me know and I’ll see if I can revise it.


Q: Okay, I can get behind her character, but by golly is she overpowered!

A: Potentially. But at the same time, you’ll probably get to have some fun with the array of tools at her disposal. That aside, with her laughably low hitpoints and lack of real defenses other than her last-chance protection from her amulet, you need to at least try to properly to make use of her abilities to not be a liability.


Q: How well does Aura get along with the cast? Any particular NPCs to pair with/avoid?

A: While Aura will never become violent or leave due to another party member, she does get along with certain characters better than others, though most have plenty to talk about with her regardless. An overview of her relations is listed below:

Likes: Dynaheir, Imoen, Kivan, Yeslick, Khalid, Edwin, Quayle, Ajantis, Garrick, Glint (SoD), Sirene, Emily, Recorder, Littlun, Isra

Neutral/Unsure: Safana, Alora, Viconia, Minsc, Branwen, Skie, Rasaad, Corwin (SoD), DrakeKaleVienxayMoidre

Bemused: Tiax, Xzar, Baeloth, Coran, Xan, Neera, Voghiln (SoD), WhiteVerr’SzaHelgaDave

Afraid: Jaheira, Faldorn, Dorn, Shar-Teel, M'Khiin (SoD), Flara

Dislikes: Kagain, Montaron, Eldoth, Vynd

Generally, the more good-aligned or friendlier NPCs have richer content. Imoen is recommended but not essential. SPOILERS (highlight): Neera gets a neat bonus if the two are together long enough.


Q: What’s with the fear of bears?

A: Just a silly thing I decided to add. It actually does have a gameplay effect – be careful not to let one get too close to her or she may lose morale and flee.


Q: I’m a fellow NPC modder and writer. May I write crossmod with Aura?

A: Yes, absolutely! I would very much appreciate it if you collaborated with me first before release, but if I don't respond to your messages then feel free to write your own crossmod and add it to your own mod.


Q: When does Aura’s quest start?

A: SPOILERS (highlight): As soon as you enter Baldur’s Gate city. The quest-related NPC will come to you.


Q: When can Aura start making explosive weapons?

A: SPOILERS (highlight): After finishing her quest. You can directly ask her via PID and she’ll agree, but she’ll have them enabled by default via her Advanced Alchemy skill regardless.


Q: Dude, WTF?! That final battle is absurd! What were you smoking when you designed that?

A: Yeah, I know. Battle encounters aren’t really my thing. SPOILERS (highlight):  That said, the enemies in that fight are statistically legal, albeit much higher level than what you’re normally facing. If it’s too much, make sure you don’t rest in any of the inns in the city until you’re ready.

Q: Can I persuade Aura to keep SPOILERS (highlight): the masterwork katana?

A: SPOILERS (highlight): Yes. You must be non-evil and have 14+ Charisma. Bear in mind Aura herself will refuse to wield it.


Siege of Dragonspear

Q: I didn’t have Aura between chapters. Did I lose her for good?

A: Nope. As long as you encountered her in the woods, she’ll follow the camp.


Q: That cat’s really annoying. Can I stop Aura from interacting with it?

A: Talk to her via PID.


Q: How do I feed the cat?

A: SPOILERS (highlight): Get a fish from the sahuagin.


Q: What happens after I’ve fed the cat?

A: SPOILERS (highlight): After some time’s passed, check on it again. You’ll get a nice present.


Q: When do I know I’ve ‘secured’ the romance with Aura?

A: SPOILERS (highlight): During the dialogue where she begins with talking about war. As long as you’re not rude to her, she’ll confess her feelings for you.


§  Writer: The Artisan (formerly AionZ/Artemius_I)

§  Coder: The Artisan, with resources created by modders OlvynChuru, Wisp, Argent77, Aquadrizzt

§  Portrait: The Artisan

§  Alt. Portrait 1: Omar Diaz

§  Alt. Portrait 2: Pantalion

§  Alt. Portrait 3: Bioware—Neverwinter Nights (edited)

§  First BG1 Default: Lava Del'Vortel

§  Second/Third BG1 Default: The Artisan

§  BG2 Default (old and new): AionZ/Artemius_I

§  Default Soundset: Zhephyre (Casting Call Club)

§  Original (pre 3.4) Soundset: Kait

Programs/tools used in creation:

§  WeiDU, by Westley Weimer/Valerio Bigiani (the bigg)

§  Near Infinity, by Jon Olav Hauglid and argent77

§  Infinity Explorer, by Dmitry Jemerov/bigmoshi

§  WinRAR, by Eugene Roshal/Alexander Roshal

§  IESDP, maintained by igi

Copyright Notice:

Aura NPC for BG:EE was developed by The Artisan (formerly AionZ/Artemius_I), based on material from the game Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.

All mod content is © The Artisan (formerly AionZ/Artemius_I).

Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, and Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal © TSR, Inc. The BioWare Infinity Engine is © BioWare Corp.

Please note that any and all redistribution and/or hosting of this mod is expressly unwanted without permission from the author(s).


Version 3.8:

-          Improved default portrait a bit

-          Item enhancement reworked – most old items removed, now modifies cursed items

-          Rebuilt mod files for future convenience


Version 3.7:

-          Updated potion and explosives icons

-          Fixed missing crossmods

-          Slightly altered portrait

Version 3.6:

-          Added new default portrait

-          Improved a few item icons

-          Improved grenade throwing animation

Version 3.5:

-          Fixed timers for friendship talks in BG1

-          Added grenades and Analyze ability to Artificer, moved Analytical Archery from kit to the Sunshooter

-          Added Violet and Red Potions to alchemy

Version 3.4:

-          New soundset, voice acted by Zhephyre. Original soundset by Kait can still be installed as an optional component.

-          Rebalanced artificer kit

o   Added new special ability: Infusion

o   Delayed extra uses of Craft Rune to 10th and 20th level

o   Runes can be imbued on targets to activate as a contingency

o   Increased prices of alchemy items (averaging a 50% increase in cost)

o   Analytical Archery now grants ranged THAC0 based on the higher of Intelligence and Dexterity instead of both

o   Melee THAC0 penalty reduced to -2

o   New animation for automaton

-          Fixed EET bug that causes Aura to use her SoD player-initiated dialog in BG1

-          New visual effects for abilities

-          New inventory icons for a few items

-          Added Death Ward effect to magatama

-          Reduced Aura’s starting experience from 1000 to 500

-          Reduced the number of Sunshooter arrows created per cast

-          Rebalanced the Sunshooter’s configurations – Rapid mode is slightly weaker, Precise and Power mode are stronger

-          Added new timer between talks based on game time

-          Increased real time delay between talks from 45 to 60 minutes

Version 3.3:

-          Added new default portrait

-          Added new custom soundset, voice acted by Kait

-          Updated Healing Arrows: faster healing effect, quality of life changes

-          Updated Lightning Arrows: more reliable chaining effect

-          Updated Artificer kit: THAC0 penalty changed to -3 melee

-          Updated Automaton: automaton no longer acts as familiar in terms of cutscene behavior

-          Fixed a few typos

-          Updated items: Idol of Kozah and Gold Digger upgrades

-          Added crossmod with Glam Vrock's Littlun, Flara, Moidre, Dave, Vynd

Version 3.2:

-          Fixed game-breaking global script bug

-          Added crossmod with Skitia's Emily, Helga, Kale, Vienxay

Version 3.11:

-          Improved Aura's amulet

Version 3.1:

-          Added crossmod with Skitia's Emily and Rhaella's Isra

Version 3.0:

-          Rebalanced Artificer Kit

-          Reduced maximum hit points for multiclasses

-          Reworked Priestess Kit

-          Reduced prices on Advanced Alchemy potions and explosives

-          Fixed a few item weights - removed weight on Sunshooter

-          Aura's Bandolier is now a Potion Bag, which she has from joining

-          Reworked Lightning Arrow to act as IWD-style Chain Lightning

-          Craft Rune no longer works with sequencer menus

-          Added crossmod with Skitia's Recorder

Version 2.9:

-          Fixed missing SoD late-game romantic interactions

Version 2.8:

-          Rolled back some kit mechanics that caused incorrect stats for multiclass

-          Improved arrow visuals

-          Improved Aerial Judgment visual

Version 2.7:

-          Improved overhead comments in SoD

-          Added an event-based dialogue in SoD

-          Added a few alternate lines for mage-Aura

-          Added visual effect for targets that are Aflame

-          Increased speed and range of thrown explosives

-          Second crossmod banter with Verr occurs during rest as intended

Version 2.6:

-          Added improved icons for artificer's runes

-          Artificer kit now displays its name instead of Thief for multiclasses

-          Priestess kit innates are now gained through cleric levels

-          Sunshooter III and above gains Eminence - arrows strike as enchanted weapons

-          Fixed sleeping draught script in SoD

Version 2.5:

-          Reworked Craft Rune

Version 2.4:

-          Rebalanced Alchemical Traps

-          Improved Visuals

-          Added elemental immunity-based protection from secondary effects

Version 2.3:

-          Changed Healing Arrow's effect to non-stacking regeneration

-          Alchemical Traps can only be triggered by enemies (activation still affects all) and have a larger explosion radius

Version 2.2:

-          Rebalanced explosive weapons

-          Increased Artificer Lore bonus to 30

-          Aura's Quest ends if she dies permanently

Version 2.1:

-          Fixed bad scripting with SoD dialogue

-          Fixed 'dead end' bugs in SoD banters

-          Reworked 'Create Sunshooter Arrows'

Version 2.0:

-          Replaced Scribe Scrolls HLA with Grand Artifice

-          Illusionist/Artificer Aura can dispel voidstone effect at Bridgefort

-          Added crossmod banters with Sirene and Drake

-          Fixed Story Mode bonuses not being removed when kicked out

-          Fixed wrong variable checks for romance

Version 1.99:

-          Improved SoD banter scripts

Version 1.98:

-          Aura's script properly converts to SoD version upon importing from BG1

-          Moved banter script out of creature script to (hopefully) eliminate stutter issues

Version 1.97:

-          Fixed incorrect states in several banters

-          Fixed typo causing an installation error

Version 1.96:

-          Modified autosave before quest battle to hopefully work properly

Version 1.95:

-          Added Death's Razor to its intended wielder

Version 1.94:

-          Fixed bugged AI for SoD-less installations

Version 1.93:

-          Fixed installation bugs

-          Added new default portrait (original as alternative)

Version 1.92:

-          Fixed bug that caused compatibility issues with XP cap remover of Tweaks Anthology

Version 1.91:

-          Added a new portrait

-          Potion effects should no longer stack

-          Fixed the upgraded Cursed Sword of Berserking

Version 1.9:

-          Enemies in the Undercellar come in groups instead of individually, enemies have been de-leveled and grant more time between waves

-          Elite ninja ambush leaders have been replaced with named individuals with different classes

-          Added a new weapon

-          Fixed string and APR error on the Blade of Howling Souls

-          Added compability with IWD-style sneak attack setting

-          Added flag to prevent Aura from gaining LoB bonuses

-          Recolored and significantly downsized automatons

Version 1.8:

-          Improved automaton AI and dialogue - can now put automaton on standby. Runes no longer have a one-turn lockout timer, applying a new rune removes the prior rune's effect instead

-          Automaton no longer stays with the PC when Aura is removed from the party (BUGFIX)

Version 1.7.1:

-          Sunshooter mk.III can no longer produce Static Arrows (BUGFIX)

-          Improved Long Bow of Marksmanship no longer says it increases visual range when it doesn't (BUGFIX)

-          Improved a few icons

-          Added new portrait

Version 1.7:

-          Sunshooter: now configures between three modes: Rapid, Precise and Power

Version 1.6:

-          Improved a few item icons

-          Fixed portrait icons

-          Create Sunshooter Arrows: player may choose type of arrow to create at mk. III and IV in stacks of five, maximum ten arrows

Version 1.5:

-          Updated SoD banter script to hopefully eliminate cases of stuttering

Version 1.4:

-          Alchemy rebalanced – now gained at level 1 and may access at will, stock replenishes after resting

-          Improved runecrafting dialogue

-          Cast time on runes reduced to 0

-          Lightning Arrow no longer chains, instead always hits and penetrates through targets in its path (not party-friendly).

Version 1.3:

-          Updated qd_multiclass.tpa resource (no more abilities duplicating on multi-class kits)

-          Increased Alchemy stock to 99 of each potion

-          Added item checks for Improved Idol of Kozah

Version 1.2:

-          Added failsafe for cases where the automaton vanishes. Casting the ability again will spawn the automaton in your location.

-          Improved arrow inventory icons

-          Merged installation options: mod auto-detects and installs content for SoD

Version 1.1:

-          Fixed repeating banter with Alora

-          Fixed stutter bug in SoD

Version 1.0:

-          Initial stable release

-          Automaton changed to PST animation

Version 0.9:

-          Reduced levels on ninjas to make them easier

Version 0.8.1:

-          Fixed single-class Aura's loss of Set Snare

-          Added alternate portrait by Pantalion

Version 0.8:

-          Fixed Artificer-only item restrictions

Version 0.7:

-          Added illusionist restrictions to mage/thief Aura

-          Added learned spells for mage/thief Aura at higher levels

-          Made the Undercellar battle easier again

-          Fixed SoD-versions of Aura having too many skill points

-          Fixed C/T Aura reverting to cleric animations in SoD

-          Fixed erroneous scripts that caused dialogues to trigger too early

Version 0.6:

-          Added extra bear-related dialogue

-          Fixed repeating dialogue bug

-          Fixed rank III Sunshooter creating five Lightning Arrows instead of two

-          Added hard cap to number of runes per session

-          Added optional mage/thief and cleric/thief alternates

-          Added restrictions to upgraded Idol of Kozah

-          Made the Undercellar battle easier

Version 0.5:

-          Improved explosive visuals

-          Improved icons

-          Fixed banter timers

Version 0.4:

-          Changed rune descriptions

-          If installed after Spell Revisions, runes cast SR-versions of spells

-          Fixed a few timers causing some SoD talks to fire too quickly

-          Disabled banters in dungeons

-          Added a few ambient comments in SoD

-          Fixed kicking out dialogue in SoD

Version 0.3:

-          Added banters and fixed installation bug

Version 0.2:

-          Added BG:SoD content

Version 0.1:

-          Initial release of BG:EE content