By comparing with your mobile phone historical location data, this program can tell you whether you have contacted the confirmed patient or not.

For your privacy, your data are ONLY processed in local and will NOT be uploaded to any server.

Loaded Data List


WARNING! All the matched results are just FYI. If any result is incorrect, please refer to the information announced by the authority.

Step 1: Confirm your Location History had been opted-in

Go to Google Maps Timeline. If you see red dots on the map (as below screenshot), you have enabled the History Location feature. Please move to step 2.

If you don't see any red dot on the map, you probably need to enable the feature. Click the 'Gear Icon' on the bottom-right of screen. Then opt-in 'Enable Location History'. This will lead you into a concensus page. Enable this feature.

Since you just started collecting your location data, there is no data to match. Please come back another day to match again.

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Step 2: Select period to download:

Download .

After clicking the Download button, you shall be able to see some files downloaded. Please move forward to Step 3.

* If not, remember to allow 'pop-ups' in browser, then click the 'Download' button again.

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Step 3: Open your location history file(s)

Click here to select KML/JSON file(s) Next Step

  • * You can select multiple files to check.
  • * The file explorer could sort files with type. So look around to select all files to check.
  • * Remember to click the 'Let's Check' button to start matching.
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    Step 4: See results below.