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The Modding Tree Discord
Main Prestige Tree server

If you would like to speedrun this, press Play Again.
This is my (pg132's) first fully completed mod, I may have another coming. Consider playing the other game I currently dev, AD NG+++:

NG+++ Discord

Discord: pg132#7579 but please do not spam my dms :)

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The Modding Tree {{TMT_VERSION.tmtNum}} by Acamaeda
The Prestige Tree made by Jacorb and Aarex
Original idea by papyrus (on discord)

The Modding Tree Discord
Main Prestige Tree server

Note by Jacorb: If anyone wishes to make a mod of this game, that is perfectly fine with me, just make sure to name it something different (ex: Prestige Tree NG+) and to let me know on my discord.

Note by pg132: You can mod my mod, just credit me lol :)
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